Saturday, June 25, 2011

I Know I'm Old But So What,

Someone, one day, many years ago decided it was not okay to wear your hair long if you were an "older" woman.  I'm so glad that doesn't apply to the styles of today. I think I see more older actresses and models with long hair than short.
I love my long hair and even though it's not the most stylish because lets face it I don't have a stylist fixing it for me every day and I usually just wear it down straight I still love it. I decided last year after spending a summer with it pulled back in a messy bun that I was going to keep it long. It's so easy to just wash and blow dry and I can pull it up off my neck when it's hot out. So long it has been.

I have a darling niece who is addicted to anything and everything 40's. She is so stylish with her cute figure and her eye for style. Every once in a while she post things about hair styles and I just love them but I have never been brave enough to actually try them. My hair is pretty thin (remember, I'm old) so I don't think most of the styles would work with my hair but she showed the cutest one the other day and I just loved it.
You can see a tutorial on how to fix your hair like this HERE

See how nice and think these messy buns are?  My hair would not look like that at all but after watching the tutorial I learned a few tricks and attempted to give myself a triple messy buns look.

I think it turned out pretty cute. I need to rat my hair up a little bit more to make it even more full looking but I really liked wearing it up. It made me feel fancy. I can't wait to try out some more. I love my long hair but now I love fixing up my long hair.